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Rooms need to be reserved by November 29, 2016.Use the link below to register.

Cancellations can be made up to 72 hours prior to your reservation.  If you are considering going to this tournament it is recommended you make a reservation now and if you decide not to go you can cancel at that time.

Attention Wrestlers - Get your New Gladiator Singlets!

As the Gladiator board seeks to find solutions to accommodate the various needs of our wrestlers and our club we are offering a singlet alternative this year!!  We understand that many of our wrestlers like to have custom look singlets and have their name on the back.  To this end, many of our wrestlers have purchased singlets on their own throughout the season.  While this individualism has some benefits and is understandable, it has the drawback of making our Gladiator wrestlers not as easy to identify at open tournaments and also does not "promote our team colors" and team spirit when participating as a team at Mississippi 8 or invitational tournaments.  Todd Carlson did the hard work of  finding a great compromise with the awesome custom singlets he found/designed that are shown below.  We are offering two singlet options this year for our wrestlers.  As you decide what to do please consider the following:

  • For open tournaments, while we understand we can't force your wrestler to wear a Gladiator singlet, we are asking that they do to promote our Gladiator team and to make it easier for coaches and parents to identify our Gladiators.
  • For Mississippi 8 team events we will be requiring Gladiator wrestlers to wear a Gladiator singlet, either the ones available for free or the ones offered below to purchase. 
  • For Team Invitational events we will be requiring Gladiator wrestlers to wear one of the new Gladiator singlets.  The Gladiator Board is purchasing some of the new style singlets to cover our weight classes for those wrestlers who have not purchased one of their own.

The 2 options are:

  • Same as previous years.  The traditional/current Gladiator singlets will be handed out to anyone who wants them for the season free of charge when practices ramp up in mid November (deposit check returned when singlet is handed back in at end of season).
    • Gives a team look when at open tournaments as the Gladiators warm up together and support each other mat side.
    • Allows for coaches to more easily identify our kids and get mat side to coach.
    • Allows parents and fellow wrestlers to quickly identify fellow Gladiators wrestling and get mat side to cheer and support them.
  • New this year!   We are offering a singlet for you to purchase if your wrestler wants a custom look, highest quality, and last name on the back of singlet.
    • Singlets have a color scheme that will closely match the current Gladiator singlets and therefore while different will still promote that we are all one team.
    • Singlets allow for individualism by having name on back.
    • Singlets are something that wrestlers can own and have as a keepsake at the end of the season.

The new Gladiator Singlets are available for you to buy at the online store, we will be selling them until Oct 17th for pre-season ordering.  A second chance to place an order is now available.  Place your order by November 22 and receive your singlet on December 6, 2016.

New Design/ Cliff Keen / Names on the back

Click above image above to order yours, or use this link:!/St-Francis-Wrestling-Singlets/c/20912006/offset=0&sort=norma

Thank You for Gladiator fundraiser at Ham Lake Lanes


Thank you to those that attended, contributed, and put together Gladiator fundraiser Saturday evening!!

Fun was had by kids and adults alike of our "Gladiator family" getting together to socialize, bowl, and raise some money.


  • Informational/Pizza night is Nov. 3
    • Get info on the upcoming season!
    • 6:30 at SFH Commons
  • Pre-season Fall Saints Youth Wrestling Camp: 

The Guillotine - Minnesota Youth Wrestling Schedule

This site lists all/most of the youth wrestling tournaments in Mn and provides good information on them as well as good wrestling information in general.  (Link will open in a new window)

NFL Players Who Wrestled

NFL Players who wrestled in there youth and/or college years and attribute a portion of their success to the drive, sportsmanship and discipline they learned from the great sport of wrestling.

USA Wrestler Roddy White Article (Page 14)

USA Wrestling online magazine with an article on NFL wide receiver Roddy White (Page 14) promoting the benefits of wrestling in football. "Wrestlers breed toughness. In this sport, you have to be tough" -Roddy White